August 2017 Dividend Meter Update

August 2017 Dividend Income

August was a quiet month for the Dividend Meter portfolio; so this update will be brief.  Two dividend increases and an additional purchase of Discover Financial Services (DFS) with accumulated cash dividends raised total annual income by $31.10:

Date Total Annual Dividends Notes
8/22/2017 $8,271.98 With approximately $540 in accumulated cash dividends in IRA Rollover, bought 9 shares of DFS at $59.25 per share, raises meter reading $12.60
8/16/2017 $8,259.38 FAF dividend increase, raises meter reading $16.00
8/2/2017 $8,243.38 AWR dividend increase, raises meter reading $2.50

September Preview

Barring any major trades, the month of September may be similar to August, with a planned purchase of more shares of DFS with any incoming dividends (if Discover’s stock price stays anywhere below $63.50, or a dividend yield above 2.2%).  In September, dividend increase announcements are expected from Verizon (VZ), Starbucks (SBUX), and OGE Energy Corporation (OGE).

To all who labor, I hope you get to enjoy a nice long Labor Day weekend.



  1. Dividend--Portfolio

    Even with a quiet month, you’re still benefiting from adding shares to your portfolio and experiencing compounding growth.

    I’m looking forward to the dividend increase expected from SBUX. I’m actually sitting in a Starbucks right now as I type this. I decided that I’m going to invest in SBUX later this week.

    Looking forward to more reports DM.

  2. DivHut

    Thanks for the update. Keep buying/dripping into new shares and grow that passive income stream. Your annual total is really starting to look impressive as we head towards the end of 2017.


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