Meter Updates

October 2015 Dividend Meter Update

October 2015 Meter Reading

At the end of October, 2015, the Dividend Meter reading is $5,756.37.  This Meter Update is the first in what will be a regular month-end blog post, and will include the months of September and October, as I’d like to summarize all the activity that took place since I first started this blog.  The header screenshot, which reflects a meter reading of $5,649.85, was taken shortly after September 3rd, 2015:

October 2015 Spreadsheet

In both September and October, I managed to save about $1,000.00 of my income each month to make new purchases, buying 100 shares of DAKT (Daktronics) and 23 shares of ETN (Eaton).   Also, dividends that were paid since early September included AVY (Avery Dennison), WM (Waste Management), and DAKT (Daktronics).   I choose to not automatically reinvest dividends in my brokerage accounts, but rather let them accumulate in cash and purchase shares in a stock that is flashing a Buy signal when I’ve accrued enough cash to justify a commission expense.  (As I reminder, the green Buy cells shown above are my own personal indicators and should not be construed as professional investment recommendations.)

During October, two of my positions, KMI (Kinder Morgan) and AFL (Aflac) announced dividend increases. For your own dividend spreadsheet, I suggest adding conditional formatting to the dividend column, so that when the Google sheet is refreshed, you’ll clearly see which stocks have increased their dividends.   In my spreadsheet, I keep a transaction journal on the far right-hand side of the sheet, so being able to identify which companies changed their dividend payout is extremely helpful.   After the dividend increase, I’ll update the journal and change the conditional formatting value in the cell to the new dollar amount to remove the green shading.