December 2016 Dividend Meter Update

December 2016 Dividends

Happy New Year!  It’s time to replace the top header image with a year-end reading of the Dividend Meter and update the Archive page. The end of 2016 marks the first full calendar year of publicly tracking the portfolio, and despite a few dividend cuts this past year, the Dividend Meter’s estimated annual dividend income broke through the $7k barrier in December.  Here’s a summary of notes from the spreadsheet for December’s activity:

Date Total Annual Dividends Notes
12/23/2016 $7,008.06 Sold 40 AAPL, bought 29 BA, raises meter reading $73.52
12/21/2016 $6,934.54 AMGN dividend increase, raises meter reading $31.20
12/20/2016 $6,903.34 Sold 73 AWR, used proceeds and about $370 in accumulated dividends to buy 100 FAF, raises meter reading $65.19
12/19/2016 $6,838.15 Sold 58 DFS, used proceeds and $500+ in accumulated dividends to buy 32 AMGN, raises meter reading $58.40
12/15/2016 $6,779.75 WM dividend increase, raises meter reading $10.80
12/13/2016 $6,768.95 PFE dividend increase, raises meter reading $27.76
12/12/2016 $6,741.19 Fixed a dividend formula error on spreadsheet for DFS dividend, correct amount should be $1.20 (had $1.12), raises meter reading $11.12

Annual dividend income rose a whopping $277.99 in December compared to November’s meter reading, and that’s without making any new savings deposits!  Three dividend increases and fixing an error contributed to the increase, but the largest gains were the result of selling a few shares of positions that were getting close to their dividend yield sell triggers, and buying other stocks with higher dividend yields and that were trading near their high yield buy indicator levels (classic Dividend Yield Theory portfolio management).

Two stock purchases in December, Boeing Co. (BA) and First American Financial Corp. (FAF), are new positions for the Dividend Meter portfolio, and the result of continued extensive research to build a “watch list” spreadsheet of quality dividend growth stocks.  The Watch List spreadsheet, introduced in November’s Update, requires analyzing dividend yield charts for each position to determine the automatic Buy and Sell indicators that appear in column, “Yield Buy/Sell Indicator” as shown below.  Stay tuned –  I’m hoping to introduce the Watch List in January or February for Member’s Club subscribers:


Dividend Growth Stocks Watch List


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    I love the progress! I like the BA purchase even after the insane climb from $100 early last year. The recent dividend hike is damn impressive! Keep adding coal to the fire!



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