Dividend Snowballs and March 2017 Dividend Meter Update

March 2017 Dividend Meter

No April Foolin’ – the Dividend Meter broke through the $7,400.00 barrier in March! Here’s a summary of last month’s activity which resulted in an increase of $179.32 in annual dividend income:

Date Total Annual Dividends Notes
3/22/2017 $7,440.40 Bought 29 shares of F in IRA Rollover #2 with just over $300 in accumulated cash dividends, raises meter reading $17.40
3/21/2017 $7,423.00 With $800+ in accumulated cash dividends in IRA Rollover account #1, bought 14 shares of QCOM, raises meter reading $31.92
3/13/2017 $7,391.08 Added $1,500 to Roth IRA towards 2017 contribution, bought 30 DIN with new deposit and some accumulated cash dividends, raises meter reading by $116.40
3/7/2017 $7,274.68 QCOM dividend increase, raises meter reading $13.60

DineEquity, Inc. (DIN) is a new addition to the stock portfolio and an investment idea that came from the Dividend Meter Watch List. DineEquity operates and franchises two popular restaurant brands:  IHOP and Applebee’s.  The stock has plunged nearly 50% from a 52-week high of $94.30, trading recently around $55 per share, with a current dividend yield over 7%. While business has remained steady at IHOP, performance at Applebee’s has been disappointing, and upper management has recently left the company.  DIN is definitely a speculative high-yield play – let’s hope new management can turn the ship around and keep the dividend intact.

Real-life Dividend Snowballs

Last month, a member of the Dividend Meter community used the term “snowball” to describe the compounding effects of dividend growth investing.  With regards to the Dividend Meter portfolio, a snowball is beginning to form, but it’s not quite rolling downhill…..yet.  Until next month’s update, I wanted to leave you all with a few motivating real-life dividend snowball stories:

How One Normal Lady Turned $200 into $7 Million

UPS Retiree Donates Fortune to Education

Here’s How a Janitor Amassed an $8M Fortune

The Remarkable True Story of a $146,194-Per-Year Income Portfolio

Seattle Man who Wore Clothes with Holes, Clipped Coupons Leaves $188M to Institutions



  1. DivHut

    It’s all about that dividend snowball making our steps towards FI a little closer each day. Congrats on breaking the $7,400 mark and thanks for sharing some pretty inspirational articles about real life “snowballs” from some ordinary people.

  2. Data Lore

    $7,400! Wow, that’s amazing meter man. Keep the inspiration going!


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