What is a Dividend Meter?

The Dividend Meter is a simple dividend tracking spreadsheet created in Google Sheets that automatically imports stock quotes and dividends.   The spreadsheet calculates dividend yields and totals dividend payments to display one expected annual dividend income sum in a color-coded gauge chart.

Is the Dividend Meter image at the top of the website real?

Yes.  The logo image at the top of this website is a screenshot of the Dividend Meter Man’s actual portfolio spreadsheet, captured on December 31st, 2016.  Please visit the Archive page to view prior website header images.

What do the colors mean in the Dividend Meter gauge chart?

Red = Debt situation where minimum payments are greater than dividend income received.

Yellow= Net positive accumulation phase characterized by saving new money and reinvesting dividends

Green = Dividend income covers basic bills resulting in financial independence and work freedom.

How do the Buy and Sell indicators work?

The Buy/Sell column pictured in website logo image is for illustration purposes and does not represent professional investment recommendations.   An investor should always perform due diligence and make their own decisions or seek professional financial guidance.   Having said the usual disclaimer, the Buy/Sell column compares a stock’s dividend yield to high and low thresholds – if the yield is high enough, the spreadsheet will flash a buy signal, and if the yield falls too low, the sheet indicates a sell signal.   Read this post to learn how to add the stock buy/sell indicator to your Dividend Meter:…….

Does the Dividend Meter automatically import position details from brokerage firms?

No.  The stock ticker and number of shares must be entered manually in the spreadsheet.

How can I tell which stocks increase or decrease their dividend?

Adding conditional formatting to the stock’s annual dividend figure is a great way to determine if a company increased or decreased their dividend.   Please see How to Add Dividend Increase Alerts to Spreadsheet for instructions.


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