February 2017 Dividend Meter Update

February 2017 Dividend Update

Another month gone by and it’s time for a quick Dividend Meter update. Four dividend hikes and a small transaction during February raised the annual dividend figure of the portfolio by almost one hundred dollars compared to January’s meter reading.  Here’s the notes from the spreadsheet:




Total Annual Dividends:



2/23/2017 $7,261.08 KSS dividend increase, raises meter reading $10.60
2/22/2017 $7,250.48 ETN dividend increase, raises meter reading $18.84
2/14/2017 $7,231.64 Sold 30 WM, bought 40 QCOM with proceeds and approx. $100 worth of accumulated cash dividends, raises meter reading by $33.80
2/14/2017 $7,197.84 DPS dividend increase, raises meter reading $12.20
2/7/2017 $7,185.64 PPL dividend increase, raises meter reading $16.14

One of the most comforting benefits of dividend growth investing is watching your annual income rise without making any new deposits.  Due to other personal financial commitments in 2017, new deposits to the Dividend Meter portfolio will likely be limited to the maximum annual Roth IRA contribution figure of $5,500.00,  ($1,000.00 contributed so far, $4,500.00 to go!).  It will be interesting to see where the meter reading ends up at year-end with limited new savings – the majority of growth will come from dividend increases, re-investment of dividends, and a few strategic sell/buy transactions. Be sure to check in regularly to see how the portfolio is progressing, and good luck to all in March.



  1. Buy, Hold Long

    Very nice increase here. You would have to be pretty happy with that right? Looks like you’re doing well so far this year. Cheers

  2. Data Lore

    Awesome updated Meter Man. What’s nice about the snowball effect is that once you have a large enough portfolio, the snowball gets bigger and bigger at a faster rate.

    You are an inspiration for us little guys.


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