January 2017 Dividend Meter Update

January 2017 Dividends

For dividend growth investors, opportunities abound whether the stock market is going up or down.  When the market is going down, plentiful buying situations exist.  In a raging bull market, as we have witnessed for the past few months, opportunities to take profits in certain over-valued stocks and buy higher-yielding bargains are present, but often difficult to identify, and even more challenging to execute – it’s human nature to avoid missing out on more possible gains.  Fortunately, the Dividend Meter spreadsheet and growing Dividend Stocks Watch List are helping to address the most difficult stock investing questions:  What do I sell and when?  And, where will I invest the proceeds?

December’s stock sales and subsequent buys of AMGN, FAF, and BA proved to be very timely transactions.  Shares of quality companies were purchased at bargain prices relative to current trading levels, and total annual dividend income was boosted in the process. However, it appears more patience will be required for January’s purchases of Kohl’s (KSS) and Qualcomm (QCOM).  But that’s ok, because while we wait for the stocks to go up some day, the companies will hopefully keep paying fat dividend checks. Here’s a summary of January’s activity from the investment spreadsheet, which raised the reading on the Dividend Meter $161.44 from December’s reading:



Total Annual Dividends:  


1/23/2017 $7,169.50 Added $1,000 to Roth IRA for 2017 contribution, bought 22 QCOM with new deposit and some accumulated cash dividends, raises meter by $46.64
1/19/2017 $7,122.86 OHI dividend increase, raises meter reading $11.04
1/5/2017 $7,111.82 Sold 30 WM, bought 53 KSS with proceeds and a small amount of accumulated dividends, raises meter reading $55.00
1/4/2017 $7,056.82 Bought 23 QCOM with new $1500 savings, raises meter reading $48.76


For the past several weeks, I’ve been working on a new Dividend Meter spreadsheet and Watch List, which I’m very excited to announce are now available!  Please visit the Member Sheet for more information.  Essentially, the Member Sheet page provides access to two fantastic tools:  a new Dividend Aristocrats Meter Template, which utilizes more reliable script formulas to import both dividends and earnings-per-share, and a Dividend Stocks Watch List, which tracks over 200 quality dividend stocks and instantly provides Dividend Yield Theory buy/sell indicators.  As more quality stocks are identified, and dividend yield charts studied to determine buy and sell triggers, the Watch List will continue to grow.  I hope to provide a mid-month blog update with more specific details about the Watch List benefits, and how you can use it to quickly identify investing opportunities. Until next month, have a great February.



  1. Buy, Hold Long

    That is a fantastic increase. 7k and still growing. You would have to be pleased with that. My portfolio is quite significantly smaller in size compared to yours but it is growing quickly and I hope to keep expanding it for years to come. Cheers.

  2. Stefan

    I too bought into QCOM but a smaller position of only 10 shares. I want to feel out the water on this one before I buy more. I am still trying to get into some foundation stocks so rather put my money there before taking some riskier plays.

  3. Divi Cents

    Nice work DM!

    $161 over December is a big bump.

  4. Data lore

    That is an excellent portfolio minute man. I’m currently sitting at $78 in annual dividends, but will cross the $100 threshold in annual dividends this year. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

    I love your site and once again, thanks for the dividend meter tutorial.


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